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Sirajul Huda is concieved upon the long running aim of fostering the responsible, law abiding and developmental citizens who can contribute in nation building and keep the sustainable development of this planet intact. Sirajul Huda is committed in reaching out to the marginalized community and it has sophisticated mechanism to do the charity activities among such folks. It believes in the power of elementary and secondary education in the upliftment of the sidelined societies. Thus, it has opened a number of schools which are investing great effort to cater to the educational needs of various geographies. It is also running many senior secondary and bachelor level institutions where the students from poverty stricken backward classes are educated free of charge.

Established in the lap of nature with enchanting beauty of Wayanad valley, this educational hub has attracted a large number of pupils from different parts of Kerala and outside for getting updated with the multidimensional skills of learning in different realms of education, culture and moral upbringing. The peace, serenity and tranquil ambience of the campus and allied institutions reflect the relevance of the fusion of moral and secular education under the charismatic leaders, scholars and intellectuals of the community.

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To create a paradigm shift in the arena of educational sphere by promoting mastery on various sciences and also educating the most deprived sections of society. In the long run Sirajul Huda dedicated to nourish the most responsible citizens who respect the law of the land, believe in pluralism and co-existence, competent with top witted acumen along with ethical spirit.



To establish the institutions catering the educational, cultural, moral and technological needs of human race keeping in mind the pulse of the time by ensuring the qualitative general and higher education fused with traditional teachings by instilling the ethical values.

Know our Founder


Sheikh Abdurrahman Saqafi


Sheikh Abdurrahman Saqafi is an erudite scholar, philanthropist, institution builder developmental visionary and captivating public speaker from Kerala, India. He is the founder of Sirajul Huda educational complex, the educational and charity giant which has stretched its service throughout the nation taking education to the doorsteps of the deprived sections. This most famous scholar hailing from Calicut in Kerala is a member of the official Shura of All Kerala Jam-iyyatul Ulema, the leading scholarly outfit of south Asia.
The development vision which he navigates has yielded much fruits in the life of the deprived peoples different communities. He firmly believes on the power of education in emancipation of the downtrodden peoples of Indian nation. Thus, as a developmental activist he has successfully founded numbers of schools and colleges with special prominence given to impart elementary education.

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