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This important wing of the institution engages in building houses for the poor, scholarships and stipends to the needy and talented students in and around the Campus, Pain and Palliative works for the ailing people, especially, the aged and those neglected by the relatives. They are provided food, belter accommodation and other comforts. For the most deprived ones amongst them support for marriages and other occasions are also provided.

All students are to be trained in information technology for enhancing communication skills , and also to impart training for e- governance , e-accounting and auditing, etc.

All candidates are provided sufficient training in acquiring different skills by using the language lab which will have hundreds of books CDs, and innovative gadgets, videos audios, and electronic equipments. Browsing facilities and e-journals are also given to the learners so that they can get the latest update in the field of education and higher studies.

School, College inter Fests and Cultural Competitions , Youth Parliaments, Talents’Search Competitions , History Seminars , and Art Gallery, etc. are organized in order to explore the hidden talents of the youngsters.

Since Kerala does not have adequate facilities for higher education and services, Sirajul Huda guides the students of all region to the central universities, IIMs, IITs, NITs, EFLU.

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